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Embarking on a Bespoke Romance: Your Dream Ring Crafted by Lelya - Lelya

Embarking on a Bespoke Romance: Your Dream Ring Crafted by Lelya

The quest to create your custom ring, especially for the first-time, can stir a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to a touch of apprehension. It's a journey we at Lelya are intimately familiar with. Having escorted so many clients through this enchanting process, we stand ready to ensure your adventure into bespoke jewellery is nothing short of magical. Below you will find a detailed step by step guide to our made to order and bespoke services.


A Harmony of Your Dreams with Our Craftsmanship

Envisioning a custom ring—be it an engagement band, a wedding ring, or a token commemorating a precious moment—is an intimate and thrilling journey. At Lelya, we're committed to transforming your vision into a breath-taking reality. Our aim is to craft not just a ring, but a masterpiece that narrates your personal story, making the experience as delightful and seamless as possible.


Infusing Your Essence into the Creation

The true essence of our made to order and bespoke services lies in the selection of the focal stone - the beating heart of your ring. Our treasure trove at Lelya boasts an extensive assortment of unique diamonds, including salt and pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, opalescent diamonds, icy diamonds and antique cut diamonds as well as unique, ethically sourced sapphires from around the world, each waiting to add a fragment of your spirit to the ring. Should your heart seek something beyond our collection, our team is at the ready to source that special gem just for you.


Discover Your Canvas: Lelya's Customisable Settings

If you have chosen the Made to Order design route, after selecting a centre gem that echoes your soul, your next step is to choose a customisable setting. Each of Lelya's settings has been meticulously designed to cater to diverse tastes and stories. Delve into our collection of ring settings here to spark your imagination and uncover the myriad of possibilities awaiting your touch.

If you have chosen the fully Bespoke design route, we will ask that you complete the Bespoke Form, available here


The Creation of Your Dream, Revealed

Once your setting and gem have been selected, whether you decided to choose the Made to Order or Bespoke route, the canvas of your dream begins to take shape. Within 2 weeks, you'll be presented with realistic visuals of your ring for approval, a glimpse into the magic being woven. Following your blessing, your ring enters the hands of our master artisans, where it is cast and the gems are set with utmost precision. The entire process, from vision to reality, spans 4-5 weeks. We invite you to reach out to our team for updates on the journey of your creation. Upon completion, your ring will find its way to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed before 1pm, a final step in this extraordinary journey.


We're Here for You, Every Step of the Way

Questions? Thoughts? Need guidance? We're merely an email away. Connect with us at or via our contact form. Our dedicated team headed by Rebecca is eager to assist you through every phase of this journey, ensuring that the path to your dream ring is as smooth and joyful as the tale it's destined to tell.

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