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Bespoke and Made to Order

Loose Stones

Imagine the thrill of choosing from a curated selection of gemstones or witnessing your piece come to life. Our intimate process ensures your presence is felt and cherished, from the initial concept to the breath-taking finale.


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Loose Stones

In the heart of Scotland's enigmatic landscape, Lelya's bespoke engagement ring collection emerges as a symphony of nature and narrative, meticulously handcrafted to tell a story of profound love and commitment. The range, featuring teal sapphire engagement rings, salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, and rustic diamond engagement rings, each bears the hallmark of Lelya's dedication to sustainable beauty and artisanal excellence.

Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings: Embodying the deep hues of Scottish lochs at twilight, the teal sapphire rings in our collection are as mystical as they are elegant. Each sapphire is hand-selected for its unique beauty, with colours that shift and shimmer like the Northern Lights. Set in bands of recycled precious metals, these rings bring a piece of the Scottish ethereal wilderness into the covenant of marriage.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings: For those who find beauty in the unique story of natural elements, our salt and pepper diamond rings are treasures. These diamonds, with their distinctive inclusions, represent the weathered stones of Scotland's rugged cliffs. They are a testament to a love that embraces imperfection as a mosaic of something far greater. Each stone is responsibly sourced, ensuring a love as pure as it is profound.

Rustic Diamond Engagement Rings: Rustic diamonds, with their raw and unrefined allure, are the centrepieces of this part of the collection. Like the rugged Scottish highlands, from which Lelya draws its inspiration, these diamonds don't shy away from their inherent character. They speak to a bond that is genuine and unpolished, yet incredibly strong. Coupled with Lelya's sustainable gold or platinum bands, they form a connection with the earth and with one another.

Lelya's bespoke engagement rings are not merely jewellery; they are a homage to the untamed beauty of love and the Scottish wilderness. Each ring, from the vibrant teal sapphire to the earthy rustic diamond, is designed with a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical craftsmanship. The sapphires and diamonds tell their own ancient tales, while the gold whispers of its previous lives, reshaped into a new legacy.

Choosing a Lelya bespoke engagement ring means embracing a love that is as deep as the Scottish seas and as enduring as the highland mountains. It is for those who wish their symbol of union to reflect the world's awe-inspiring diversity, those who see the touch of a craftsman's hand as the ultimate luxury, and those who seek to tread lightly upon the earth, leaving only the imprint of their love story.

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