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Our Story

Handmade Scottish jewellery that sings a story of your love

Our brand is not just about creating beautiful pieces of jewellery but about fostering a happy and positive environment, and building a community rooted in conscientiousness, transparency, and trust. In the heart of Lelya, you'll find the essence of family, the spirit of creativity, and the unwavering commitment to honesty and excellence.

Nurturing nature, crafting wonder

Our Manifesto

How would it feel to wear something that
inspires the same wonder as the soft touch of moss under your fingertips? Or tilting your head back to drink in a night sky soaked with stars?

These are the ephemeral moments Lelya works to
weave into each design: the tiny, piercing joys of seeing the world in an entirely new light.

Like a kaleidoscope shifting into a new pattern, these little moments rearrange something in our souls. This new terrain is where our designs are drawn from.

Whether we capture the delicacy of frost on a windowpane during a Highland winter, or the intricate twists of ivy that braid themselves together, wonder is what breathes life into every piece of Lelya jewellery.

In this light, sustaining the very nature that nurtures our creativity is not just an act of responsibility but a pilgrimage to the sanctity of inspiration itself. We believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from the stars and the patient, nurturing hands of nature.

Each decision to use ethically sourced materials, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to engage in practices that nourish the environment is a thread woven into a larger tapestry of reverence. It is our ode to the boundless beauty and resilience of the natural world, a world that continuously refines our artistic journey.

In preserving the vibrant authenticity of our planet, we do more than just witness the majesty - we become an integral part of its endless, awe-inspiring narrative.

Lelya x Misfit Diamonds

In the pursuit of our ethical sourcing and sustainability objectives, we've forged a partnership with Misfit Diamonds, a Canadian gem supplier renowned for their commitment to ethically sourcing unique diamonds and sapphires. Hand in hand, we advocate for transparency within the diamond and sapphire industries. The working conditions, labour practices, and environmental impact associated with extracting these precious stones from the earth stand as pivotal factors in the selection process, ensuring that only the most conscientiously sourced stones find their way to our customers.

Diamond Collection

Browse our collection of carefully selected salt and pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, opalescent diamonds, icy diamonds and antique cut diamonds.

Sapphire Collection

Browse our collection of carefully selected unique, teal, parti, colour-change, opalescent and classic sapphires from all over the world.

Our Founder

Lelya’s founder Radek, created this business from a lifetime of lived values.

Intertwined with his core belief in the power and purpose of family is his own passion for creative fulfilment.

Family – whether born into, or gathered throughout our lives – is the foundation that Radek draws from, setting himself up as a force for good. It is the most basic, necessary support structure and is something Lelya celebrates with every creation.

Rooted in this essential element, Radek then blends his profound work ethic and deep care with the tireless pursuit of genuine excellence.

This drives his commitment to honesty and fairness for everyone. From suppliers to customers, employees and even to Radek himself, conscientiousness, transparency, and trust are the only way that Lelya does business.

Steady growth, a happy and positive environment, and mutual respect are the cornerstones that go on to support and strengthen the extended Lelya family – and we can’t wait for you to become part of it.

"When you choose a Lelya ring, you are choosing a future heirloom, a daily reminder of a love that will span generations. This is fairy-tale jewellery designed and divined in Scotland to be loved around the world. And we believe that the very best fairy tales are the ones we create for ourselves, after all."

Radek Makar

Founder & Director of Lelya

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