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Diamond Engagement Rings

Lelya's engagement ring collection, steeped in the mystic beauty of the Scottish landscape, offers an enchanting array of diamond engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, and bespoke engagement rings that capture the essence of profound love and commitment.



Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings: Our diamond engagement rings reflect the pristine beauty of Scotland's natural wonders. Each ring in this collection features lab-created diamonds that mirror the untamed elegance of the Scottish Highlands. These diamonds, sustainable and conflict-free, ensure that every proposal is illuminated with a stone as pure as your intentions. Our diamond engagement rings are sculpted with precision, promising not only a sparkle that rivals the stars but also a responsible choice for those who hold the Earth dear.


Sapphire Engagement Rings: With a nod to the rugged Scottish coastline, Lelya's sapphire engagement rings boast the deep, enigmatic teals and blues of the Celtic sea. These gems tell a rich history, traced back to ethical sources, ensuring that every sapphire engagement ring holds a story as deep as the bond it represents. The sapphire, a gem of wisdom and fidelity, is nestled within intricate settings reflecting the beauty of Scotland.


Bespoke Engagement Rings: The bespoke engagement rings in Lelya's collection are the ultimate expression of personal narrative and artisanship. These rings are born from a collaborative process, where your love story is intricately woven into a design that is as unique as your fingerprint. Sustainability is at the core, with recycled gold breathing new life into each custom piece. The bespoke engagement rings by Lelya are not just crafted but soulfully conjured into existence, capturing the ephemeral joy of a love that is continually rediscovering itself.


Every ring from Lelya's collection is a testament to craftsmanship that honours the past while looking to the future. We stand at the forefront of innovation and tradition, with our practices setting a new standard for what it means to create jewellery with conscience. When you choose a Lelya engagement ring, you're not just selecting a piece of jewellery; you're wearing a fragment of the Scottish landscape, a piece of art that carries the whisper of ancient stones and the wisdom of artisanal goldsmithing.


Discover Lelya's engagement rings and find a symbol of your love as enduring as the Scottish highlands and as remarkable as the journey you're about to embark upon together.

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