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Gahcho Kué Mine: Source of Lelya's Canadian Diamonds - Lelya

Gahcho Kué Mine: Source of Lelya's Canadian Diamonds

As the newest collection of over 40 Canadian diamonds with verifiable provenance and mine to market documentation just dropped online, we would like to tell you more about the origins of our Canadian diamonds

Each diamond has been traced from rough to polish, and is listed on our site with videos of the rough they were cut from, mine of origin, rough weight and link to the redacted documents to support the provenance claim.


Gahcho Kué Mine: Source of Lelya's Pristine Diamonds

At Lelya, we are proud to partner with Misfit Diamonds, who source our exquisite diamonds from the renowned Gahcho Kué mine. 

This mine is a joint venture between De Beers Canada, which controls a 51% interest and operates the mine, and Mountain Province Diamonds, which holds the remaining 49%. Located in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada, about 300 km east-northeast of Yellowknife, Gahcho Kué sits on the traditional lands of the Tłįchǫ, Dene, and Métis communities, adjacent to the continuous permafrost zone in an area famously known as the barren lands.

The mine consistently yields approximately 4.5 million carats of diamonds annually. Mountain Province Diamonds prioritizes sustainable and respectful practices that acknowledge and protect the unique heritage of the indigenous territories. Their approach minimizes environmental impact while benefiting the local people and wildlife, aligning with our values of ethical sourcing and community support.



Lelya’s Commitment to Traceability and Quality

Through our partnership with Misfit Diamonds, Lelya ensures that each diamond's journey from rough to refined is fully documented and transparent. This rigorous chain of custody process includes detailed records of each diamond's rough weight, supported by invoices from Mountain Province, comprehensive Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) documentation, and a verifiable path from the mine to our final product. This system spans from the initial miners through site holders and brokers to our dedicated manufacturing partners and ultimately, to us at Lelya.

By adopting such stringent standards for sourcing, we guarantee that each diamond in our collection is not only of the highest quality but also meets the highest ethical standards. This commitment to excellence and integrity ensures that when you choose a Lelya diamond, you are choosing a gem that is as responsibly sourced as it is beautiful.


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