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Why consider a non-traditional engagement ring - Lelya

Why consider a non-traditional engagement ring

Why consider a non-traditional engagement ring?

Are you considering an engagement ring that’s a little out of the ordinary?

One that strays from the traditional white diamond solitaire?

If so, you’re in good company. More and more couples are opting for engagement rings with salt and pepper diamonds or gemstones other than diamonds altogether, and for good reason. These alternative options can be just as beautiful, if not more so, and often come with a number of added benefits. In this post, we’ll explore some reasons why choosing a gemstone other than a diamond for your engagement ring might be a great idea.

From the wide range of stunning options available to the ethical and financial considerations, there are plenty of compelling arguments in favour of stepping away from tradition. Let’s take a closer look.


Diamonds are one of the most expensive gemstones, so choosing a different focal stone can help to reduce the cost of the engagement ring. This is especially important if you are on a budget or want to use the money saved on other aspects of your wedding. Furthermore, if you have a set budget, you might be able to get a bigger, fancier cut or simply less traditional focal stone for less than you anticipated when you considered buying a diamond ring!

Personal preference

Some people simply prefer the look of gemstones other than diamonds. For example, they may prefer the colour of sapphires or their unique bi-colour variations over a traditional white diamond.


Some people may prefer to avoid diamonds due to concerns about their ethical sourcing. While diamonds can be ethically mined or recycled from heirloom or antique jewellery, there are also many diamonds that are mined in conflict zones or under exploitative conditions. Choosing a different focal stone can help to ensure that the ring was ethically produced.


Diamonds are a very popular choice for engagement rings, so choosing a different focal stone can help to create a more unique and personal piece of jewellery. What’s there not to love about standing out?


While diamonds are the hardest gems there are (boasting 10 on Mohs scale), sapphires are not far behind (9 on Mohs scale). They will not get scratched or damaged easily and makes them a perfect choice for an engagement ring that will be worn every day. Rest assured, sapphires can be passed from generation to generation.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a different focal stone for an engagement ring should be based on personal preference and what is most important to you and your partner. Of course we are here to help. While we have an incredible collection of hand-picked gems available on our website (see our collection of loose stones) we are always happy to discuss your unique needs and source the perfect gem for you.


*Featured photo by Photomagician: Scottish Elopement Photographer

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